Extreme Couponing – How To Guide (Part I)

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Once, years ago while attending a business workshop, I heard a speaker say, “Most people pay too much for everyday things.” He was referring to the necessity of learning to control costs in order to run a profitable business, but his statement really stuck with me and I’ve reflected on it many times through the years.

Everyday things are things like homes, cars, toilet paper – and everything in between.

We all know some people pay more than necessary for the items they buy, but having grown up in a working class family (You know the kind where sometimes the money runs out before the end of the month…), I would never have believed I was one of them – but I was wrong.  I have discovered that I have routinely been paying as much as 50% (or more) on every single item I purchase year round, which even for my little empty nest sized family with just me and my husband and our furry babies, that amounts to thousands of dollars extra every year!

As a blogger, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to add value to the lives of my readers, and a few months ago, I came across a video of a woman who has been using coupons for years to save hundreds of dollars each week on routine purchases of her pantry items.  As a value minded person, I have always recognized that coupons can be used just like real money, and especially during the lean years (i.e. back in the days when my family’s budget was made up of lots of high dollar non negotiable purchases like baby food and diapers), I tried to make use of them, but could never justify the amount of time it took me to clip and organize all the coupons, compared to the small amount I saved.

The woman on the video, however, was saving hundreds of dollars every time she shopped – on name brand items – so my old interest in couponing was flamed once again, and I decided to give couponing another try.  I found her system a little time consuming and more expensive than I routinely could justify, but I did discover you can use coupons at times to buy things for zero cost – i.e. for free!  That was a fun little discovery and it fueled my interest to learn more. Keep in mind that I’ve only been using coupons for a couple of months, but even in that relatively short amount of time, I’ve already stocked my food and household items pantries and fridge, and for no more than I was accustomed to spending every week for routine purchases, have averaged 50% (or more) in savings over retail prices on every thing I’ve purchased, which puts me on track to save thousands of dollars over what I’ve routinely spent in previous years for the things I buy all the time.

Would the opportunity to add thousands of dollars a year, back into your family’s budget, make a difference to your life and that of your family’s?  If so, you’ll want to stay tuned for Parts II and III of my latest blog series Extreme Coupon – How To Guide, because in this series, I will be laying out for you the easy to follow system I’ve learned to use that has put me on track to save thousands of dollars every year on the things I routinely purchase, and best of all, how you can too.  When I wrap up this little mini series, if I’ve done my job well, I’ll have shown you how I’ve already done all the hard work upfront for you, of researching different couponing systems, tested it all with my own time and my own money, and condensed it all down and made it easy for you to dive right in and to start seeing REAL money flow back into your pocket book.

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