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We’ve all heard it said that “Any man can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad.” and how true it is; the real dads of the world are those unsung heros out there night and day with their hand at the wheel, and charged with the task of navigating their ship full of precious kid cargo through the sometimes treacherous seas of life to deposit them all safely on the shores of responsible adulthood. Honestly, it’s a dirty job most days and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. Fortunately though, real dad’s are made of a lot tougher stuff than they might appear on the surface – which is good, given all the recent talk about dad bods and their readily identifiable physical characteristics…

dad bod

(Actor: Jon Hamm

Real dads don’t follow the crowd; they dance to their own drum.  They do things their own way – and often it’s quite unfathomable why they do what they do – but when it’s all said and done, they do what they do because they have a higher purpose in mind…love.

Father’s Day is the best time of year to spot them too – just due to the sheer volume of them being out and about during the season.  Here’s my list of identifying characteristics to help you pick them out of the crowd:

Dads believe in their kids – and attempt to empower them to do whatever they set minds to do.

baby driving

Dads keep on loving their kids, even when the going get rough…

baby biting dads ear

Dads teach their kids the value of hard work, and that having to be fair isn’t always part of their job description.


(Source: Dave Engledow)

Dads actively encourage their kids to spread their wings, and learn to fly…

Dad throwing kid in the air

Dads teach their kids to be resourceful and to think ‘outside the box’.

Cheap fix on car

Dads use a lot of humor, and teach their kids to see humor in everyday situations.

Haircut funny

(Legendary Dad Jokes)

They generously share with their kids from the bounty provided by their own hands…

Dad grilling

Source: USA Today

…and when the time comes, real dads teach their kids it’s time to start providing for themselves.

Dad holdin sign for rent

And finally, real dads teach their kids that it is NEVER a good idea to evoke the Dad Death Stare; that there are times you should just walk away – but this is a time to RUN!  

ron swanson at playground

(Character: Ron Swanson)

To all the real dads out there, and those who aspire to be one – Happy Father’s Day!

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