Judah & Latte’s Road Trip To Nashville

PaulaReyne.com Judah & Latte at Graceland 640x480

Our furry babies Judah & Latte, accompanied my husband and I on a recent road trip to Nashville, Tennessee.  If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you already know about their first road trip The Great Kitten Camping Adventure,  where they went camping for the first time.

For that trip, the kitties shared the account of the trip in their own words, and because of the great response from their fans, I want to share their account of their Nashville trip as well.  

Here is how it all went…

We decided to break up the trip by spending the first night in Memphis.

Arriving late afternoon, we decided to eat and then try to visit a few local landmarks, like Elvis Presley’s home, Graceland.  Unfortunately, it was already closed for the day, but since it was closed and the parking lot was nearly vacant, the kitties seemed to really enjoy walking around on their leases.

Judah: “Momma put the ‘leeches’ on us so we could go Outside Latte.  ‘Member how she did dat when she took us to stay in de giant box she called a cabin?  I don’t see any giant cabin boxes around, do you?  Hey, look! That guy looks ‘xactly like Elvis…!”

The sky turned dark and it began to sprinkle rain so we just had time to snap off a few pictures before needing to load back up and head to our hotel for the night, which I was disappointed for – but Judah quickly cheered me up.

Judah: That’s alright, Momma….

PaulaReyne.com Judah talking 600x648

Arriving at our hotel, Judah and Latte immediately began to scope out the surroundings.

Judah: “Uh oh.  dis blue car tent box here is barely big enough for me and Latte.   Momma will never fit.  I will need to find a bigger bed for Momma.  She will need a catnap very soon…”

PaulaReyne.com Judah explores hotel 600x628

Judah:  “Dis is better.   Momma will be happy with me for finding a new giant bed. I will wait here until she gets back, and show her dis perfect spot for us to sleep tonite, right here across da middle.”

PaulaReyne.com Judah tries out the bed in the hotel 671x600

The kitties seem to really enjoy exploring a new place, but may have stayed up a little too late that night…

PaulaReyne.com Judah with lamp 622x600

And morning came very early the next morning…

Latte: “Momma says, ‘It’s time to go…, but first coffee!’ “

PaulaReyne.com Early morning Latte 600x600

When we arrived in Nashville, we checked into the tiny house we were staying in, and the kitties began exploring the new place.

Judah:  “Latte, I found a water fountain!  And it’s xactly like da fountain at our real house!”

Latte:  “That’s great, JuJu,  and guess what I found?  I found you can jump off da bed here and touch da door – really!  I just did it!”

PaulaReyne.com Judah & Latte explore Tiny House600x711

We left the kitties at the tiny house for a few hours, so they could rest up from all the time spent in the car, and so we could explore the city on our own for a bit.

Latte: “Momma said for me not to be sad and cry while she was gone, and that it would be okay to take a nap on the big people bed…”

PaulaReyne.com Paula holds Latte640x480

When we got back, this is where I found her (see below).

Latte:  “I stayed here on the big  people’s bed like you said Momma.  ‘Wanna hold me?”

PaulaReyne.com Latte on bed 640x480

The next day, we took the kitties out with us some, and Latte grew more and more comfortable with the surroundings – even daring to ride on the dashboard at times.

Latte: “Dad, you are a very good driver! Wanna hold me?”

PaulaReyne.com Latte riding on dashboard 652x600

Finally, it was time to head back home.  Judah preferred to snooze on the console between my husband and I pretty much the whole way home.

Judah: “Momma says we’re going back home today.  It has been fun exploring all de new places in Memphis and Nashville, and to see Joel again, but she says we will go somewhere else again soon.  Hmm (yawn…), I wonder where we should decide to go next.”

PaulaReyne.com Judah sleeps on the console623x600