Meet Our Furry Babies Catte Latte 640x448
In November of 2014, my husband and I adopted two baby cats. Why kittens, you ask? Why not puppies? Puppies are so cute, and they grow up to become dogs, and you know dogs are man’s best friend, etc., etc.. Well, the truth is, it has nothing to do with one species being superior to another (I kinda wanted a monkey…); it’s really just that cats are fairly independent creatures, and therefore they pretty much fit our lifestyle.
Not that kittens, in general, are very independent creatures…they’re not. They’re babies, and babies of all varieties, are very dependent, and take quite a lot of work…
And that, is exactly why when my husband and I decided to consider adopting one, we (or at least I) intended to get just one kitten, not two. What happened was, when we were there, at the kitten gettin’ place, looking at cats and kittens and trying to decide on the one we should adopt, I gravitated towards the wild-eyed, red-headed, boy kitten, with the awesome, outgoing, personality, but my husband had (unbeknownst to me…) become smitten by a little, doll-faced, blonde girl kitten, across the room. (A blonde…, of course!)
I could have been adamant, that we hadn’t planned on getting two, and in fact I had been adamant in times past about it all, but I could tell how sweet the girl kitten’s personality was, and I knew she would likely be as easy as they come to care for, and it also seemed likely that she would grieve over us taking him away, if we separated the two, so… I caved in, and we got them both.
We named the the boy kitten Judah Sunshine, because both his hair and his personality are as bright as the sun.
Here is Judah romping around in the shoe box that my new Sam Edelman boots came in. Judah 640x427
 We named the girl kitten Catte Latte, since her coloring is about the color of one of our favorite coffee drinks.
Here Latte is posing like Marilyn Monroe, on a furry, black, velvet blanket (of course..!). Catte Latte 640x448
You know, at my age I had not planned on trying to start a new family, and even if I had (gasp!), I definitely wouldn’t have planned to have two, but hey, in this instance, it seems to have worked out…

Photo credit: Lauren Carlene Photography

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