Springtime in Texas

Nothing says springtime in Texas like a field full of Texas Blue Bonnets.  And while, if you happen to live in the city as my husband and I do, it is getting harder to find these little pockets of heaven, the weather was so nice this past weekend, we decided to load up the fur babies and go out in search of them. (We feel the need, you know, to introduce them to some of their Texas heritage…)
The blue bonnets are actually just starting to bloom in the more northernly areas of the state, like where we live in Plano, but we did find a couple of nice spots, so we snapped off a few fun pics of the babies.  They love the outdoors, and flowers are always fascinating, but this was their first encounter with whole fields full of them.  They were pretty much amazed, and if you’ve never seen fields full of them like this, you will be too.
In the above picture, Latte had spotted a butterfly…and was watching it flutter away.
Still a tad mistified at what exactly to make of these ‘giant’ blue flowers, the above picture with both kittens in close proximity to each other, is a bit of a  miracle – because  Judah is curious and quick to scamper off with his tail flying high in search of adventure, and Latte, the more timid of the two, will generally lag behind, preferring to investigate her immediate surroundings in more detail.
This last picture of Latte (above) is probably my favorite of the day, because it really captures the sweetness and beauty of the surroundings.
If you’ve enjoyed these pictures and would like even more, I hope you’ll plan a trip very soon to the great lone star state, and take your very own pictures in some of the fields of Blue Bonnets spread all over Texas this time of year.
We’ll be watching for you!
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