The Day Judah Had To Hurl

My husband and I recently made a trip with friends to the Texas Hill Country for a weekend cabin camping trip, and as we’ve done a number of times, we decided to take the furr babies along for the ride. Having been with us on a number of road trips already, it was a bit of a shock when our boy kitty, Judah, got a tad car sick, and while (thankfully) it was over quickly with no long term collateral damage, I’d be remiss in sharing if I failed to recount their version of that fateful weekend trip for all of you…

The trip began un-eventually enough.  First there was the typical flurry of activity: last minute packing, loading the car, and locking up, but soon we were on our way.  Our caravan got no more than 100 miles down the road though, and someone called for a Starbucks run (obviously, the pioneering spirit runs deep in this crowd), and after some jockeying around and a detour or two we finally located the nearest store en route and pulled over to grab a quick latte – or two.

We left the furr babies in the car since the weather was mild and we were in and out in minutes, and they migrated (as they usually do) to the floorboard of the driver’s side, and that is where we’ll pick up this new, furr babies’ tale:

Judah:  I don’t feel good, Latte.  I gonna rest my head on your back. K?

Latte: “Momma said, ‘Let’s grab a Latte.’, den dey left. They always say dat, but den they don’t grab me… I don’t get it.” Judah Had To Hurl story pic 1 580x480

As we pulled away from the coffee shop, Judah moved to his familiar spot on the floorboard near my feet, but Latte wanted to ride in my lap and watch the traffic whiz by.

Latte:  Momma, we are going ‘stremely fast! Judah Had To Hurl story pic 32-480x514

We drove a couple more hours before stopping for lunch – at a Mexican restaurant.

Latte:  Momma ate something called bees chacos (beef tacos), Juju.  I saw it on Animal Planet; bees have stinkers.  Mom and Dad’s clothes do smell kinda smell stinky now, don’t you tink, Juju?

Judah: (Sniff, sniff…) Judah Had To Hurl story pic 31-439x640

Silent and nearly motionless for several hours, less than 30 minutes out from reaching our destination, Judah erupted – literally and figuratively – into action.

Latte:  What’s a matter Juju?!  Why are you making dat noise…?! Judah Had To Hurl story pic 33-471x640

With no warning, Judah sprung from his quiet resting spot on the floor onto my lap, making retching noises that clued us all in immediately to what was likely to follow.  Caught off guard and simultaneously trying to juggle two cats in my lap at the same time while recognizing that one of them was about to spew, I did what any mother would do – I panicked!  I may have actually screamed involuntarily as I tried (unsuccessfully) to urge Judah back to the floor – and onto the (washable) rubber floor mat, but he was not having it!  He remained there just long enough to crouch low and gather the strength to launch forth even more assertively – in my husband’s direction – who, all the while, was trying to navigate the road as this wide eyed scene unfolded in the seat beside him.

Not that you’d have wanted one, but there were no time for pictures…

Judah:  Momma, hold me!  I want on your lap right Meow!  Dad! Right Meow! Uh oh. I’m gonna hurl!

And hurl he did!

As he sprang frantically forward in a wide eyed panic, my cry of, “Oh no, buddy, do it down there!” fell upon deaf ears, and a frothy stream of cat saliva launched forth from his mouth like a sad, sonar, slobber rocket set with laser beam precision on an unavoidable trajectory towards my husband’s forearm.

It was a direct hit, of course, and only the miracle of a slow motion replay could explain how my husband’s reflexive flinch of the head allowed him to escape the additional collateral damage that seemed sure.

The next 25 minutes or so were tense; with me doing the best I could to mop up the offensive mess from Judah’s furry little face, and restore some semblance of calm to the scene.  We were fortunate in that there were no further eruptions and we reached our destination in record time.  As you might expect, upon our arrival we immediately disembarked the vehicle and whisked the furr babies off to our rustic cabin – to help restore their sense of stability – and so we could go hose down the car!

Latte:  I never seed you hurl before, Juju.  That was crazy! Judah Had To Hurl story pic 38-530x480

Latte: Hey, you know what Juju? I think this is a big cabin box like that one we were in one time before Judah Had To Hurl story pic 35-480x577

Judah:  I tink you’re right, Latte.  Dare is a coffee maker ting here under da sink, like in da other big cabin box.  Momma always says, “But first, coffee! Judah Had To Hurl story pic 34-480x590

Latte:  Hey look Juju, there are two beds.  I gonna bounce on dis bed!  You go jump up on de other bed, and lets bounce a ho ho bunch! Judah Had To Hurl story pic 39-480x577

Judah:  (Pause) I don’t wanna bounce right now, Latte.  I might have to hurl! Judah Had To Hurl story pic 40-482x434

Latte:  Really…?  You don’t want to jump at all? Judah Had To Hurl story pic 37-452x602

Latte:  That is soooo sad! Judah Had To Hurl story pic 41-640x480

Rest assured that Latte was soon over her sadness and Judah had no more problems with his tummy and they both did much exploring of the big cabin box and jumping on the beds over the rest of the trip. In fact, except for one brief moment of reflection as we prepared to load the vehicle for the drive home, you’d have thought  neither of them could even recall the time one fluffy, red, little boy kitty earned his stripes – so to speak – with a real, road warrior, travel experience, that one day that Judah had to hurl.

Judah:  Dare is our car, Latte.  ‘Member how I got sick in dare, and how I had to hurl?

Latte:  I ‘member Juju.  It’s not my favorite… Judah Had To Hurl story pic 42-480x486

In the car and all the way home, everything seemed as right as rain once more: Judah road in the floor near my feet as he often does – with no issues – and Latte, well, she preferred to sit watching the world go whizzing by from her normal vantage point of relative safety (and comfort) on my lap.

Latte:  Momma we are going ‘stremely fast! Judah Had To Hurl story pic 36-454x606

Just like how life goes at times in most families, life in the cat lane can be dramatic at times, but overall it’s just a whole lot of fun!

Thanks for joining us, and the furr babies, for yet another wild ride!

Paula Reyne 🙂


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  1. Thanks Karen. Doing life with the ‘dynamic duo’ is loads of fun for sure, so it’s real a pleasure that they allow me to share their stories – and even more awesome that people like you appreciate them! Hugs and kisses from the furr babies! Paula 🙂

  2. I hear you with this story. My hubby came home the other day with his son and his dog and they said Lilly had thrown up in the car. Well, let me tell you, Lilly is probably less than one pound. I think it was virtually impossible for all that to have come out of her. I can’t imagine how you managed to clean as you drove. I’m glad everyone is better and I think it is so cool the way you take them everywhere. Thank you so much for sharing this story on #blogsharelearn.

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed the story Elena. That makes me happy (and somewhat surprisingly) so does knowing that you’ve had cat vomit in your own car. I don’t know if it’s a bloggers thing, or a midlife thing, or what…but, it does makes me feel an even closer bond with you. (lol) Paula 🙂

  4. Thanks Kim! PS: They love your comment – especially that you wrote the word ‘meooooooooow’. They love it when people speak to them in their own language, as you could imagine. ~Paula 🙂

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